And then there was Two.

And then there was Two.

An electric vehicle that's second to none.

With a seamless form and swanlike silhouette, Bird Two is designed to change micro-mobility forever. We engineered every element around the comfort of our riders, putting the vehicle through rigorous testing to verify its safety and durability in all environments.

The power is in the details.

Our safest battery to date

With over 50% more capacity than Bird One.

Self-reporting damage sensors

Send alerts when vehicles need attention.

Self-sealing tires

Higher traction and decreased vibration.

Dual anti-tipping kickstand

This Bird stands on its own two feet.

Enhanced anti-theft encryption

Keeps our rides safe and helps deter theft.

Seamless design

With the absence of exposed screws.

Movement has new meaning.

Surf the streets with fast acceleration and sophisticated control. Improved steering geometry offers increased stability and responsiveness at all speeds.

Our longest-lasting battery ever.

Bird Two has the only automotive-grade battery management system in an e-scooter today. Our longest-lasting battery is optimized for safe performance, no matter the weather or temperature.

One tough Bird.

Bird Two can handle all types of conditions—without compromising the safety of the ride. With self-reporting damage sensors and automotive-inspired diagnostic technology, our mechanics can easily and efficiently repair Birds in need of attention.